Our tackle twill is an applique that can be used instead of stitches for large areas of a design. It looks professional and feels great. It can also help reduce the number of stitches in an embroidery design.

In house laser cutting

Perfectly cut crisp edges

The edges get heat sealed as it is cut. That means you can look sharp without the raged edges.

No fraying

No blades, means no dull cutting. With our laser the edges are cut perfect everytime.

Up to 3 colors can be layered

We can kiss-cut cut up to three colors at once. Which means everything will be perfectly aligned because the machine does it for us.

Example types of stitches

Here is a list of the stitches used in our tackle twill to help you decide what look you want for your decoration. Some of these stitches can also be used in our regular embroidery.

Zigzag Stitch

This stitch is the most basic and most popular stitch to hold on tackle twill. It is typically a thread that matches the tackle twill color and used just to hold it. It is a utilitarian stitch and is not used in regular embroidered designs.

Satin Stitch

This stitch is used to add a nice clean border. You will not see the edge of the cut tackle twill with this stitch, but it will add more stitches to your design. It can be the same color thread or a contrasting color thread.

Bean Stitch

This is a more decorative stitch. Creating a unique look that resembles a dashed line around the border. It can be the same color thread or a contrasting color thread.

Fill Stitch

This is a stitch used to fill larger areas instead of tackle twill or a satin stitch. It can be used on all sizes of designs but tends to add a lot to the overall stitch count. We use this stitch for smaller detail areas that are too wide to use a satin stitch but not large enough for the use of tackle twill.

Tackle Twill Font choices

These are the available choices for tackle twill personalizations.

Available for personalized names or numbers only. Please ask about our digitizing service if you would like a logo in our tackle twill.

2 Color options

You can choose to have the letters connected or not connected.

Our selection of tackle twill colors are below for you to choose from.

We offer a wide range of tackle twill colors

Our tackle twill applique is a high quality material that can be embroidered on large areas of a design to fill a color and help reduce the number of stitches in an embroidery design versus all stitches. It looks professional and feels great.


Madeira 1801


Madeira 1800


Madeira 1641


Madeira 1918


Madeira 1822


Madeira 1928

Columbia Blue

Madeira 1830


Madeira 1733


Madeira 1676

Dark Royal

Madeira 1967


Madeira 1643


Madeira 1895


Madeira 1890

Neon Green

Madeira 1850

Kelly Green

Madeira 1651

Dark Green

Madeira 1970

Vegas Gold

Madeira 1670

Old Gold

Madeira 1792

Neon Yellow

Madeira 1823

Maize Yellow

Madeira 1980

Light Gold

Madeira 1971

Athletic Gold

Madeira 1951

Tenn. Orange

Madeira 1765


Madeira 1678

Safety Orange

Madeira 1678

Texas Orange

Madeira 1856


Madeira 1659

Devil Red

Madeira 1838


Madeira 1839

49er Burgundy

Madeira 1781


Madeira 1981


Madeira 1635

Light Pink

Madeira 1915

Neon Pink

Madeira 1993

Hot Pink

Madeira 1984


Madeira 1922

Specialty Twill and Metallic Colors



Basketball Material

Football Material

Metallic Silver

Metallic Gold

Metallic Black

Metallic Red

Metallic Purple

Metallic Pearl

Super Glitter Silver

Super Glitter Gold

3M Reflective Material

PLEASE NOTE: While every attempt is made to reproduce the tackle twill colors accurately here, the colors on your monitor or print out may not precisely match the actual tackle twill colors. This chart should only be used for reference purposes.

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