Rodriguez Embroidery has a nearly around the clock staff working hard to get you high quality embroidery in a timly manner. We use Madiera PolyNeon thread, which is is available in an array of vibrant colors, and can withstand washing with ease. We also double check your order for accuracy first when the garments arrive, then again when they are decorated and a third time before it ships for errors. We pride ourselves with our fast production turnarounds.

You can download our embroidery hoop guide to help determine if a design will fit at a certain size here. Images are at 100% scale for easy printing and measuring.

Why Choose Rodriguez Embroidery

With over 20 years in the business! We have a top notch team! Your order is checked and double checked for accuracy!

Excellent Pricing

We have done our homework and know that you are getting some of the best prices around.

Quick Turnarounds

We strive to get your order out the door within 7-10 days

Free Freight

Free inbound shipping from SanMar and S&S to save you money. With no quantity limits.

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Our Quality Process

With great digitizing and quality thread, we strive to make your logo look it's best on each garment.

Superior Digitizing Quality

With our experience you'll know your embroidery is set up to look its best no matter what type of garment.


You'll get a sew out after digitizing so you'll see the quality before your items are decorated.

Hand Checked and Trimmed

We hand trim and check every garment before it ships so there are no defects in quality.

Steamed and Folded

We also steam and fold your garments so they look fresh and amazing when you receive your box.


We can embroidery just about any type of garment. Here are some of our most popular.


S&S Activewear

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