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General Order Questions

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days from when we receive your order, any approvals and garments. See our order timeline here.

Do you offer a rush service?

Yes, please ask our customer service or order department for availability before placing your order.

Do I have to have a Purchase Order?

Yes, A PO or Purchase Order is something we need. It doesn't have to be overly complicated or formatted, it can be in an email as long as you include all necessary information. It needs to contain all of your order details in one place so that there is no confusion on your order. Please see our purchase order requirements page for more details.

Can I get screen printing and embroidery on the same garment?

Yes you can. Keep in mind that in order to put your order through multiple departments it may add time to the production of your order.

Do you have a minimum order quantity requirement?

No, we do not require a minimum quantity for your order. We accept single piece orders. Keep in mind your price per piece will change depending on your order quantity.

Can I exchange my garments if I don't like them or they don't fit?

No. Decorated garments may not be returned or exchanged. You also may be charged for your order if you cancel or change it after you have given us the approval.

Embroidery Questions

How many stitches are in my design?

We can estimate the stitches a design will have. You can send your image to and we will take a look at it. Make sure to mention where you want the design embroidered and what kind of garments.

Do you make patches?

No, we do not create patches here. However we can apply provided patches to a garment. We also offer our tackle twill as a substitute for a patch by sewing it directly onto a garment and adding your logo to it mimicking the look of a patch.

Can I provide my own embroidery files?

Of course, we accept dst files. Keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for the quality of the embroidery from provided files.

Will I own my embroidery files?

Yes, if you have us digitize your files, those files are yours. We will keep a record of it in our system for decorating on your orders for you. You can request your files by email if you are current on all invoices with us.

Can you do 3D or puff embroidery?

Yes we do. We have a variety of puff colors to match your chosen thread color.

What thread colors do you have?

We use Madeira PolyNeon thread. You can see all of our available thread colors here.

Can I combine orders to get the same pricing?

No, unfortunately each order will be treated as individual separate orders. Pricing will be based only on that orders quantity.

What is tackle twill?

Tackle twill is our applique that we can cut to fill large areas of a design or to give a specific look. Here are some examples of tackle twill.

How much is your digitizing fee?

Our digitizing charges are based on the designs final stitch count. We can give you an estimate for your design based on an image. You can send your image to and we will take a look at it. Make sure to mention where you want the design embroidered and what kind of garments.

Can I get a sample embroidered?

Yes, we can embroider a sample and send an image of your garment for approval before we process the entire order. You can also request the sample be shipped to you.

Where can I embroider my logo?

Depending on the garment type there are several locations to decorate each one. See our common decorating locations.

How large can I embroider on my hats?

For most caps the maximum height we can embroider on the front is 60mm or about 2.3inches tall. The maximum size on visors can vary depending on the style.

Why are hat embroidery files different than shirt embroidery files?

Because of the curved front on caps, the embroidery file needs to be set up to sew in a certain direction and order. If it is set up incorrectly the stitches can be misaligned with each other and create gaps having an undesirable effect.

What types of stitches are there?

There are several different types of stitches used in digitizing. Here are few of the most common.

  • Satin stitch - used for text and lines or outlines.
  • Fill stitch - used to fill areas with color.
  • Straight stitch - used for smaller details and lines.
  • Bean stitch - used as a decorative stitch or lines, often times on our tackle twill.
  • Zigzag stitch - used mainly to hold on our tackle twill.

Can you match the thread to my garment color?

Yes, this is called tone on tone or tonal thread matching. It is often used for background elements or details to create the illusion of a single color design while still keeping the quality. It can also be the sole color of a design to give it a very subtle or subdued effect.

How long does it take to digitize a design and receive a sew out?

The process if fairly quick. Turnaround time on the digitizing and sew out is 1-2 business days.

Can I provide my own thread?

We do not currently accept provided thread to use in our machines. Different types or brands of threads have different qualities and some are prone to breakage more than others.

Can you remove stitches or logos?

Yes and no. We can remove stitches of small names or logos on a case by case basis on small orders only. The process of removing threads can harm the garment and is not recommended. If this is something you want done you can email us at and we let you know if it is feasible.

Screen Print Questions

What are your standard print locations?

This will really depend on the style of garment that you want printed. You can see our standard print locations here.

Is there a certain file format I need to provide?

We require vector artwork for most print orders. They only exception is we can print a one color image from a high quality photograph if the details would be lost in recreating it into a vector format.

We accept .pdf, .ai or .eps vector files. Please do not include embedded images or shadows. Also be sure that all fonts are converted to outlines. See our artwork guidelines here.

We also ask that the artwork be clean with no unnecessary elements that will increase the file size or make it confusing as to what you want printed. Include only artwork for the print we are doing.

How do I know if my artwork is vector?

There is no way to know for sure unless you have editing software to view the file in the vector format. Typically .ai or .eps files are vector, but not always. If you are not sure, feel free to email it to us and we can let you know if it will work.

What are your stock ink colors?

Here are our standard ink colors.

What colors are in my design?

You can match them to our standard ink colors here, or you can email it and have us match it to our standard ink colors.

Can you create artwork for me or do I have to provide the file?

We can certainly create something for you for a charge. Be sure to have a clear idea of what you are looking for or reference photos. It is also good to know what garment style and color it will be printed on.

What type of ink do you print with?

We use plastisol inks. It is extremely opaque and comes in an array of vibrant colors. It can be printed on either light or dark fabric colors.

How many colors can you print?

Depending on your garment color, we can print up to 6 colors on a dark colored fabric or up to 7 colors on a light colored fabric.

Do you offer any special inks?

Here are our standard ink colors.

We also carry a variety of metallic, glitter and fluorescent ink colors.

Can you match a PMS color?

We sure can. There is a fee to mix a color but we can match just about any PMS number by request.

Do you offer all over prints?

We do not offer all over prints. This is something that needs to be printed before a garment is assembled in the factory. We can print in these standard positions.

Can you print over seams?

No, unfortunately the result from printing over a seam doesn't look very good. The extra bump in the fabric at the seam creates a gap where ink can fill in unexpectedly. It is not a service that we offer.

How large can I print my design?

This will depend on your garment. The maximum screen size we have is 14" wide by 16" tall. We do also have an oversized screen that we can print up to 17" wide but there are some limitations with this screen size.

Can I get my order personalized?

Of course, we can add a name either 2" or 3" tall or a number in 2", 4", 6", 8", 10" or 12" tall.

If you would like smaller names, on the chest, hood or sleeve, we recommend doing them as embroidered names.

What do you charge for setup fees or screen fees?

We charge a screen fee for each different ink color for each different placement/size of design. So if you have a two color design but you want it printed on both left chest and full back. You would be charged for 4 screens. We do not charge for any underlay white screens that we need to make in order to print on dark fabrics. Feel free to email us with further questions.

If your order is 4-color process, we charge a set up fee for the process and also screens for up to 7 colors. These fees are charged for each order and reorder with this process.

What do you charge for reorders?

We charge a rescreen fee for each different ink color for each different placement/size of design on all reorders. Feel free to email us with further questions.

Are there any extra fees you charge?

Yes there are fees we charge for certain placements, for printing on mesh or nylon fabrics or extra services like bagging and labeling.

There are also charges for PMS color mixing, specialty inks or if you want different ink colors used for different styles/colors of garments.

Can I get a pre-production sample before you run my order?

Yes, we will print a sample for a fee. Please allow for extra time after the sample is approved before your order is completed.

Can I mix and match shirt and ink colors?

Yes, there is a fee for each time an ink color is changed.

Can you print on multiple styles of garments with the same artwork?

Yes. We will size your design to fit the smallest garment, but we include design dimensions on the proof for you to approve before we start your order.

We can also do multiple sizes of a design (ex. Youth and adult sizes). Keep in mind that each different size design, even though they are the same artwork, will be priced individually based on the quantity printed. There will also be screen fees for each size.

What type of garments can you print on?

We can print on flat garments only, including some bags and hats. We cannot print on baseball style caps.

Nylon and mesh fabric garments will incur extra charges.

See our standard print locations for a more detailed list of what we can print.

How will my shirts be packed when I received them?

We pack garments by size and color. Multiple shirts may be folded together in a single pile. Multiple sizes or styles may be packed in the same box, but we try to pack it as logical as possible.

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